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The Simultaniest, 2014

single channel video, 10'42'', 4 old postcards

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Video still

A German-Chinese simultaneous interpreter reads a text, written by the German flaneur “Franz Hessel”, 1920. The interpreter then translates his recorded text from German to Chinese simultaneously, and then again, he is trying to interpret it back from his recorded Chinese into German.


In this project, ​I was ​inspired by the Chinese town "Anting" - a replica of an entire German town near Shanghai​ ​- China. In one of its squares ​stands ​a replica of the original Weimar German "Goethe–Schiller Monument". ​(​Other four replicas of this same monument​ exist in the USA​ ​).

Anting German Town, ​with its flat-topped Bauhaus-style buildings similar to those found in Stuttgart or Kasse​l, ​was originally designed for 50,000 people but now sits empty.

Stills from video & performance 

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