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Standby Painter, 2018

documentary, 53'00''




An almost deserted museum, a guard wearing high heels, a cinephile thief, and a Monet painting. In September 2000, Robert Z. was given permission by the National Museum in Poznań, Poland, to make a replica of Monet's painting ‘Beach in Pourville’. He was allowed to work in the quiet museum, which had no operational security cameras and was almost deserted on weekdays. Only one female guard was around, who every now and then alerted Robert inadvertently by the click-clack sound of her shoes. When he finished what he came for, he returned home. Only days later did the truth finally dawn on the museum staff. In this revealing story, Robert himself confesses the events and consequences of that fateful day in the museum.



Director: Amir Yatziv & Guy Slabbinck

Producer: CZAR Film & TV, Amir Yatziv

Paintings Guy Slabbinck

Editing Amir Yatziv

Co-Editor Łukasz Konopa

Line Producer Kaat Camerlynck, Amir Yatziv

Production Coordinator Agata Ciastoń

Camera Hyun De Grande, Łukasz Konopa

Sound Design Nati Zeidenstadt

Piano Uriel Herman


Film Festivals

Visions du Réel 2018, Nyon, Switzerland

Docaviv 2018, Tel Aviv, Israel

Krakow Film Festival 2018, Poland


video still

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