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Paleosol 80 South, 2013

single-channel thermal video 17’40’’, series of 15 c-prints (collaboration with jonathan doweck)

Thermograma# 07 C-print_25x30cm.jpg

video still

Paleosol, 80 South documents the area of Mount Karkom in the south of Israel, a site which was identified by archeologist Emmanuel Anati as the biblical Mount Sinai following his discovery of ancient rock drawings and different ritualistic artifacts. The area, which was occupied in recent decades by the Israeli military and used as a training zone, is home to a variety of training facilities, whose appearance is reminiscent of monumental minimalist sculptures. The work fuses two powerful myths, the militaristic and biblical, by way of combining contemporary images of Mount Karkom, filmed using a Military thermal camera, with a voice-over of Emmanuel Anati’s expedition diary entries. This imbues the landscape depicted with ambiguity: a concrete wall used as a target could be either a cult object, a futuristic artifact, or a minimalistic public sculpture. In between these two myths appear Bedouin metal scavengers who forage for the remains of bombshells and saw off pieces of radar stations, hoping to sell the metal to the highest bidder – their presence and action as if deflating these “grand narratives”.



Hebrew publications:




film festivals: Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2014, France

Thermograma# 01 C-print_25x30cm.jpg
Thermograma# 02 C-print_25x30cm.jpg

Paleosol #1|c-print|25X30cm

Paleosol #2|c-print|25X30cm

Thermograma# 09 C-print_25x30cm.jpg
Thermograma# 10 C-print_25x30cm.jpg

Paleosol #9|c-print|25X30cm

Paleosol #10|c-print|25X30cm

Thermograma# 08 C-print_25x30cm.jpg
Thermograma# 07 C-print_25x30cm.jpg
Thermograma# 06 C-print_25x30cm.jpg

Paleosol #6|c-print|25X30cm

Paleosol #7|c-print|25X30cm

Paleosol #8|c-print|25X30cm


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