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Compressed Ceramic Powder, 2007

Single channel video 6’00”, series of 3 c-prints


set documentation


Israeli “soldiers” describing their last moments in the battle, just before their own death. This is the ultimate soldier fantasy: dying in a battle, becoming a hero, and finally being interviewed about it. But in this battle, they use bullets made of compressed ceramic powder (to simulate as a game) instead of real ones. The work creates a hyper-reality in which soldiers can describe their own deaths, and shape the myth of their bravery according to a well-known model shaped by the myth of self-sacrifice that is at the core of Israeli narrative. The soldiers telling the happenings of their own deaths allows for a new, improved version of this myth, given from a first-hand witness.

Kfar Shmaryahu#03 , Color Print 120x67 cm.jpg

Kfar-Shmaryahu#03(compressed ceramic powder)|c-print|120x67cm

003 2.jpg

Kfar-Shmaryahu#02(compressed ceramic powder)|c-print|120x80cm

Kfar Shmaryahu#02 , Color Print 70x60 cm.jpg

Kfar-Shmaryahu#01(compressed ceramic powder)|c-print|120x96cm

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